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This current animation coming from Meteosat 10 is dedicated to the latest images of Europe in the infrared IR channel 10.8 μm with the coloured thermics.
Updable every 15 min.

Banner Europe Dual Animation - [1] Infrared with gray resolution &
[2] Infrared with coulored thermics - click

The satellite Meteosat 9 or MSG 2 provides a large step forward in our capabilities to observe the Earth from geostationary orbit. Radiometer SEVIRI explores the Earth’s full disk with a nominal repeat cycle of only 15 min using 12 spectral channels and a spatial sampling of 3 km. One channel, the high-resolution visible (HRV) channel number 12, even has a sampling distance of only 1 km.

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This animation is elaborated in the infrared IR field 10.8 μm with coloured thermics. The infrared channels of Meteosat 9 are sensitive to the temperature of the objects and allow to detect clouds day and night. Airmass RGB is another composite product of Meteosat 9 satellite and its picture is based upon data combinations of colours from infrared and water vapour channels and it can be used day and night.