You can see directly the latest and animated Meteosat 10 Imagery on line 24/24 h. coming real time from Meteosat 10, these animations are processed in the infrared IR channel 10.8 μm , updated every 15 min. Its are dedicated to detailed cloud monitoring of the Europe and Northern Africa regions. Meteosat 10 was launched from Spaceport in Kourou on July 6, 2012 with an Ariane vector. The standard mode of Meteosat9 operation is full disk imagery in 12 spectral channels every 15 minutes for meteorological services. An other very important instrument located on Meteosat 10 is GERB (Geostationary Earth Radiation Budget).

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Meteosat 10 or MSG 3 Meteosat Second Generation carry a new radiometer SEVIRI the Spinning Enhanced Visible and Infrared Imager, this prime instrument monitors Earth surface and its atmosphere in 12 wavelenghts. The various channels of Meteosat 10 provide measurements with a resolution of 3 km at the sub satellite point, its High Resolution Visible (HRV) channel number 12 provides measurements with a resolution of 1 km. Meteosat-10 is monitoring Earth from a fixed position in geostationary orbit 35.800 km above the Gulf of Guinea equatorial Africa.


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