ITALY LAST ANIMATION:                    Infrared IR 10.8 μm                   Visible VIS 0.6 μm      

You can see directly the latest and animated Meteosat Imagery on line 24/24 h. coming real time from Meteosat 9, this animation is processed and updated every 15 min. It is dedicated to detailed cloud monitoring of the European and Northern African regions. Meteosat 9 was launched from Spaceport in Kourou on December 21, 2005 with an Ariane 5 Generic. The standard operational mode of Meteosat-9 or MSG 2 is full disk imagery in 12 spectral channels every 15 minutes. The various channels of Meteosat9 provide measurements with a resolution of 3 km at the sub satellite point, its High Resolution Visible (HRV) channel 12 with a resolution of 1 km. Meteosat 9 is monitoring the Earth and its atmosphere from a fixed position in geostationary orbit 35.800 km above the Gulf of Guinea.

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